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Product no.: GUA-19.520


From the P-16 from Altenrhein to the French Mirage. Fighter aircraft in the Cold War.

Paperback 164 pages

121 black and white photos and 63 color photos

Guarda, Felix H. Meier, 2019

CHF 35.00 *




The emergence of scheduled air traffic in Switzerland 1919-1939

This book describes the extremely interesting history of the emergence of scheduled air traffic in Switzerland from 1919-1939. It shows the development of the aviation pioneers, the development of military aviation, the founding of the first airlines and the emergence of a national and international air network.
In detail the most important airlines such as Ad Astra, Balair, Alpar and the east Swiss Aero society and their development up to the establishment of the Swissair in the year 1931 and the outbreak of the 2. World war are described.
More than 600 photos and documents, many of which are published for the first time, also illustrate one of the most interesting periods in the still young Swiss aviation.
The book comprises 460 pages in book format A4 and is made with high-quality hard cover with thread binding.

Author: Hans Weder ISBN 978 3 033 07182 7

CHF 84.00 *


Product no.: BUC-1998colorBirds

BUCHairSERIES 2 "colorBird -  Art in flight", written by Hansjörg Bürgi & Milo Kalberer. 

Book of the size of 27 cms (H) x 23.5 cms (W). 12846 Pages, in German, French & English.

Airline with its aircraft in special colours worldwide!

Was before: CHF 72.00
CHF 10.00 *


Product no.: BBL-803.001

Pilot Log Book of the size of 15 cms (H) x 21 cms (W) in English. 175 Pages to log your Flight Hours published by FOCA Switzerland = official Logbook for Switzerland.

CHF 25.00 *


Product no.: PXC-137090

Picture-Book of the size of 25.8 cms (H) x 21.4 cms (W) in English. 144 Pages with high-quality photo-pictures from all over the World (including North Korea). Some of the take-off and landing shots have been done out of a small singe-engine aircraft or out of a helicopter, which enables the photographer to have complete different angles and very seldom pictures.

Authors: Sam Cchui and Charles Kennedy.

CHF 35.00 *
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