Munich Airport - North & South Midsections Airport Diorama 1:500

Munich Airport - North & South Midsections Airport Diorama 1:500

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HERPA airport diorama Munich Airport - North & South Midsections in scale 1:500. Scenix Series.

On two narrow plates (each 22 x 40 cm / 7.9 x 15.7 in) are two sections that connect to the central plaza. Or you can place one of these sections between the northern and southern piers, without adding the plaza. Depending on the airplane type, a maximum of three models can be placed on each of the two sections. Following first stand-alone cardboard dioramas, we now expand our range of easy to build but visually highly detailed cardboard building sets. With this new concept, you decide the size of your airport terminal: if you would like to build Munich´s Terminal 2 close to its full size, you can add together all five sections. Should you only want to build a smaller airport, then you can for example simply connect the northern and southern ends of the pier – with this new concept it is up to you. Each set includes a fitting base plate on which the markings and streets are already printed. A simple introduction and detailed instructions with many tips is included.

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