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Product no.: HER250-613293

Herpa Snap Fit plastic model Boeing 747-400 TF-AAK of  AIR ATLANTA ICELANDIC in IRON MAIDEN “Ed Force One” - The Book of Souls World Tour 2016 livery in scale 1:250.

For the Book of Souls World Tour that started in 2016 and took the band to six continents, Iron Maiden upgraded to the “Queen of the Skies”, a Boeing 747-400. Again piloted by front-man Bruce Dickinson, he had to train and receive type-rating to be able to fly the 180-ton jumbo jet. Compared to the Boeing 757s used on the two previous tours, the larger aircraft offered considerably more space for the band and crew, a longer range and also a much larger cargo hold to more quickly load and unload the stage equipment. In the booklet accompanying the “Book of Souls” album, each track was translated in today’s Yucatec Maya language and drawn in hieroglyphs. Two of the song titles, “If Eternity Should Fail” and “Speed of Light” were also applied onto the tail of the 747.

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