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Product no.: JCW200-BUC-777LX

JC Wings diecast model Boeing 777-300ER HB-JNL of SWISS in scale 1:200.

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CHF 149.00 *


Product no.: JCW200-EW2320004

JCWings diecast model Airbus A320-200 OE-IVA "Austria" livery of EasyJet in scale 1:200.

CHF 90.00 *


Product no.: JCW200-LH2206

JCWings diecast model Airbus A320 OE-LOE of LaudaMotion in scale 1:200.

CHF 88.00 *


Product no.: JCW200-EW2175003

INFLIGHT diecast model Embraer ERJ 170 JA10FJ of Fuji Dream Airlines in scale 1:200.

CHF 95.00 *


Product no.: JCW400-EW4CS3001

JC Wings diecast model Bombardier CS300 HL7201 of Korean Air in scale 1:400.

CHF 49.00 *


Product no.: JCW200-EW2CS3002

JC Wings diecast model Bombardier CS300 HL8313 of Korean Air in scale 1:200.

CHF 89.00 *


Product no.: JCW400-LH4178

JC Wings Airbus A330-743L F-GXLI Airbus Beluga XL diecast model in 1:400.

CHF 60.00 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: JCW400-EW462M002

JCWings diecast model Ilyushin IL-62M P-882 of the North Korea Government in scale 1:400.

CHF 48.00 *


Product no.: JCW400-LH4143

HERPA diecast model Embraer E190 PP-XMA 'Empress of London City' in scale 1:400.

CHF 51.00 *


Product no.: JCX400-XX4065

JCWings diecast model Airbus A319 9A-CTH Croatia Airlines in 1:400 scale.

CHF 47.00 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: JCW400-LH4062

JC Wings Boeing 737-800 MAX 'Roll-Out' N8702L of Boeing Aircraft Company diecast in 1:400 scale.

CHF 39.00 *


Product no.: JCW200-EW2762001

JC Wings diecast model Boeing 767-200 N652US of British Airways in 1/200 scale.

CHF 120.00 *


Product no.: JCX200-EW2G65002

GeminiJets diecast model Gulfstream G650 A7-CGC of Qatar Executive in scale 1:200.

CHF 81.00 *


Product no.: JCX200-EW2G65001

GEMINI diecast model Gulfstream G650 HL8068 of Korean Air in scale 1:200.

CHF 95.00 *


Product no.: JCW200-LH2085

JC Wings diecast model Airbus A330-200 'Drawing Competition' HL8212 of Korean Air in scale 1:200.

CHF 129.00 *


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