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Product no.: HER400-562713

HERPA diecast model Airbus A220-300 HB-JCA of SWISS International Air Lines in "Fête des Vignerons" colours in scale 1:400.

To further show their support for the Romandy, the French-speaking part of Western Switzerland, Swiss dedicates this Geneva-based A220 to the tradition-steeped vintage festival that is celebrated once every 25 years in the Laveaux region around Lake Geneva. This extraordinary special livery was again designed by local artist Mathias Forbach, alias Fichtre. The month-long Fête des Vignerons is listed by the UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage and is expected to attract next to one million visitors to the town of Vevey. The model is released in three sizes: 1/500, 1/400, and 1/200.


CHF 43.00 *


Product no.: DRW400-55403

DRAGON Wings 400 / Tucano Line diecast model Boeing 767-300 HB-IHW of Balair in scale 1:400.

Was before: CHF 40.00
CHF 20.00 *


Product no.: HER200-558471-001

HERPA diecast model Airbus A220-100 HB-JBB of SWISS in scale 1:200.

CHF 79.00 *


Product no.: JCW200-LH2146

JC WINGS diecast model McDonnell Douglas MD-11 HB-IWE of Swissair in scale 1:200.

CHF 155.00 *


Product no.: JCW200-EW2175003

INFLIGHT diecast model Embraer ERJ 170 JA10FJ of Fuji Dream Airlines in scale 1:200.

CHF 95.00 *


Product no.: INF200-IFDC10TG0219

INFLIGHT diecast model Douglas DC-10-30 HS-TMA of Thai Airways 1:200.

CHF 169.00 *


Product no.: NGM400-56003

NG Models diecast model Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner N12010 of United in scale 1:400.


CHF 67.00 *


Product no.: JFX200-JF-A321-001

JFox diecast model Airbus A321 D-AIRK of Lufthansa in scale 1:200.

CHF 156.00 *


Product no.: JFX200-JF-A321-004

JFox diecast model Airbus A321 HB-IOO of SWISS in scale 1:200.

CHF 139.00 *


Product no.: JFX200-JF-A321-003

JFox diecast model Airbus A321 HB-IOH of SWISS in scale 1:200.

CHF 139.00 *


Product no.: INF200-IF310BB0120

InFlight diecast model Airbus A310 HB-IPK of Balair in scale 1:200.

CHF 146.00 *


Product no.: HER200-559966

Herpa diecast model Fokker 100 HB-JVC of Helvetic Airways in scale 1:200.

CHF 77.00 *


Product no.: BBX200-B-862-HB-0318P

BBox diecast model Douglas DC-8-62 HB-IDI der SWISSAIR in scale 1:200

CHF 165.00 *


Product no.: HER200-559928

HERPA diecast model Avro RJ85 EI-RJI "St.Modwena/Moninne" of Aer Lingus in scale 1:200.

CHF 89.00 *


Product no.: BBX200-B-DC9-SR-002

BBOX diecast model Douglas DC-9-32 HB-IFV der SWISSAIR in scale 1:200

CHF 99.00 *


Product no.: SWL72-85.001450

ARWICO Swiss-Line 'Collectors Edition' diecast model Morane-Saulnier MS.406H D-3800 in 1:72 scale.

CHF 75.00 *


Product no.: NGM400-NG62001

NG Models diecast model Airbus A330-300 HB-JHC of SWISS in scale 1:400.


CHF 59.00 *


Product no.: JFX200-B-743-SR-12

JFox diecast model Boeing 747-357M (SCD) HB-IGC "Bern" of Swissair in scale 1:200.

CHF 195.00 *


Product no.: HER500-533812

Herpa diecast model Airbus A380 A6-EEY of Emirates 'Orange Expo 2020' in 1:500 scale.

Expo 2020 Dubai 'Opportunity' Livery
Limited Herpa Clubediton!

CHF 49.00 *


Product no.: BBX200-B-DC10-30-01P

BBOX diecast model Douglas DC-10-30 HB-IHE of Swissair in 1:200.

CHF 220.00 *
Product no.: INF200-IF789QFA100

Inflight diecast model Boeing 787-9 VH-ZNJ "100 year anniversary" of QANTAS Australia in scale 1:200.

CHF 162.00 *


Product no.: AVI72-25001

AVIATION 72 Diecast Model Scottish Aviation Bulldog XX693 of RAF Training in scale 1:72. 

Available as of April 30th, 2014.


CHF 50.00 *


Product no.: HER500-530859-001

Herpa diecast model Airbus A350-900 N505DN of Delta in scale 1:500.

CHF 38.00 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: JCX400-XX4051

JC WINGS 400 diecast model McDonnell Douglas MD-11 HB-IWI "Uri" of Swissair in scale 1:400.


CHF 55.00 *


Product no.: JFX200-JF-A319-002

JFox diecast model Airbus A319 HB-IPT of SWISS International Air Lines in scale 1:200.

CHF 139.00 *


Product no.: HMA48M-HA8450b

Hobby Master Diecast Model Republic Aviation P-47D Thunderbolt "Razorbak" 42-7945 / QP-D of USAFF, 334th FA / 4th FG, England 1943 (flown by Steve Pisanos) in scale 1:48, including exchangeable under-carriage and display stand. 

Available as of March4th, 2015.

CHF 90.00 *


Product no.: JFX200-JF-A319-009

JFox diecast model Airbus A319 HB-JOH of CHAIR in scale 1:200.

CHF 139.00 *


Product no.: HER500-533492

Herpa diecast model Airbus A319 G-EUPJ of British Airways "BEA" Retro 100 Years in scale 1:500.

The third in a series of four aircraft celebrating British Airways' centenary, this A319 sports the colors of its predecessor British European Airways, used between 1959 and 1968. Don't miss out on the other three aircraft in this anniversary series! 533317 Boeing 747-400 – BOAC Heritage Design (News 07-08 2019) 533393 Boeing 747-400 – Landor Heritage Design (News 07-08 2019) 533508 Boeing 747-400 – Negus Heritage Design (New 09-10 2019)

CHF 30.00 *


Product no.: HER200-559638

HERPA diecast model Avro RJ100 HB-IXX of Crossair in scale 1:200.

CHF 75.00 *


Product no.: HER072-580304

Herpa diecast model Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter OE-EMD of Red Bull "The Flying Bulls" Skydive team in scale 1:72.

CHF 105.00 *


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1 - 30 of 464 results