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Product no.: HER500-500005-001

HERPA diecast model McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 HB-IHL "Ticino" of Swissair in 1:500 scale.

CHF 36.00 *


Product no.: HMA200-HL4010

Hobby Master Diecast Model Boeing 377 Stratocruiser HB-ILW of Balair in International Red Cross colours in scale 1:200.

CHF 75.00 *


Product no.: HMA200-HL1108

Hobby Master diecast model Fokker F-27 HB-AAU of Balair in 1:200 scale.

was before: CHF 70.00
CHF 60.00 *


Product no.: AER2-AC1572

DC-8-33 (-32) HB-IDA Swissair *Polished* 1:400 Western/AeroClassics Die Cast Model with GSE.

CHF 79.00 *


Product no.: JCX200-LH2051

JC WINGS 200 Diecastmodel McDonnell Douglas MD-11 HB-IWI "Uri" of Swissair in scale 1:200.


CHF 165.00 *


Product no.: HER500-524599

HERPA Diecastmodell Convair CV-990 "Coronado" HB-ICA "Bern" of SWISSAIR in scale 1:500.


CHF 30.00 *


Product no.: ETH-813596

Book of the size of 26 cms (H) x 20.5 cms (W) in English and German. 192 Pages with pictures from the archive of Swissair-Foto which has been taken over by the livrery of the Government Technical School - ETH.

CHF 59.00 *


Product no.: INF200-IF880002

INFLIGHT 200-diecast model Convair CV880M HB-ICL of SWISSAIR 1:200.

CHF 155.00 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: HER500-518949

HERPA Diecastmodel Douglas DC-9-50 HB-ISV der SWISSAIR in scale 1:500

CHF 25.00 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: HER500-517591

HERPA Diecastmodel Convair CV-440 HB-IMG der SWISSAIR in scale 1:500

No longer in production

CHF 24.00 *
Product no.: FRP144-4044

F-RSIN-Model kit Convair 880 of Swissair in scale 1:144
Length of the finished model = 27.3 cms, Wingspan: 25.4 cms including Decals for the 2 versions of HB-ICL & HB-ICM.

CHF 50.00 *


Product no.: ITA72-1349

ITALERI-Model kit Douglas DC-3 HB-IRN in scale 1:72
Length of the finished model = 27.2 cms, including Decals for old colours of Swiss Air Lines.

CHF 25.00 *


Product no.: BUD-001DVD

Dougle-DVD with the two former Videos "In the Cockpit of a MD-11 - Long Distance Flight Zurich-Montreal-Toronto and back (1994 - 80 minutes) & Sayonara MD-11 - Last Flight as SWISSAIR-Captain (1997 - 57 minutes)". 

Professionally filmed by K/Video. Communication Aircraft-Ground in English and explanation of Navigation, Technic and Aircraft Specification in German by Cap. Werner Alex Walser, author of the novel "Das Kreuz des Südens" and different aviation books (all in German only), which are sold out .


was before: CHF 50.00
CHF 5.00 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: HWE-04439

Book of the size A4, 30 cms (H) x 21.5 cms (W) only in German. 340 Pages history of SWISSAIR and its aircraft fleet. This book gives you inside views of the fleet-politics for more then 70 years. The auto, former company employee, tells you according internal planning documents, what aircraft types have been available, how the selection process has been working and which criterias finally initiated the definite selection of an aircraft.

At the end of the book you will find a list with technical details of the total 305 aircraft listed.
Most detailled, complete and precise!

Author: Hans Weder

Most recommended & a MUST for all SWISSAIR-fans!

CHF 75.00 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: HER500-526982

HERPA-Metallmodell McDonnell Douglas MD-81 HB-IND "Bachenbülach" "Servus Wien" of Swissair in special colours in regard to the shuttle service between Zurich and Vienna in scale 1:500.

was before: CHF 50.00
CHF 26.00 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: INF200-IFDC100614PA

INFLIGHT 200-diecast model McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 HB-IHI "Fribourg" with additional title "farewell DC-10 22 may 92" of SWISSAIR 1:200.

CHF 185.00 *


Product no.: INF200-IFDC100511

INFLIGHT 200 diecast model McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 HB-IHA "St. Gall" of SWISSAIR in 1:200 scale.

CHF 220.00 *


Product no.: INF200-IFDC100614PB

INFLIGHT 200-diecast model McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 HB-IHH "Schaffhausen" of SWISSAIR 1:200. 

Available as of November 7th, 2014.

was before: CHF 232.00
CHF 185.00 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: CHR-1238

Book "Im Flug - Schweizer Airlines und ihre Passagiere, 1919-2002 / In Flight - Swiss airlines and its passengers, 1919-2002" - Traffic History of Switzerland No. 2
SWISSAIR was special. Ten times the sizer of Austrian Airlines, almost haf of the size of Lufthansa and with the strongest finanlial results. SWISSAIR was worldwide very well known and had the best reputation. How Switzerland got to this legendary airlines? Why SWISSAIR vanished from one day to the other?
The history has been investigated scientifically for the first time in all aspects.

This is one of three works in conjunction with the science project "History of the aviation of Switzerland"

370 pages. Sizes: 24.5 cms (H) and 16.5 cms (W). Black-and-white pictures, hardbound.

Written in German
Author: Benedikt Meyer

CHF 58.00 *


Product no.: HER500-526951

HERPA-Metallmodell McDonnell Douglas MD-81 OE-LDV "Grüezi Zürich" of Austrian Airlines in special colours in regard to the shuttle service between Vienna and Zurich in scale 1:500. 

Available as of December 30th, 2014.


CHF 26.00 *


Product no.: INF200-IF7430116

INFLIGHT 200 Diecast Model Boeing 747-300M (SCD) HB-IGD "Basel-Stadt" of SWISSAIR in scale 1:200 incl. Display-Stand.

Available as of February 10th, 2016

CHF 195.00 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: INF200-IF7430915P

INFLIGHT 200 diecast model Boeing 747-300 HB-IGE "Genf / Genève" of SWISSAIR in scale 1:200 incl. display stand.

CHF 215.00 *


Product no.: INF200-IF7421216P

INFLIGHT 200 Diecast Model Boeing 747-200B HB-IGB "Zürich" of SWISSAIR in scale 1:200 incl. Display-Stand.

Available as of July 7th, 2016.

CHF 180.00 *


Product no.: FRP144-4018

F-RSIN-Model kit Convair CV-990 of SWISSAIR / BALAIR in scale 1:144
Length of the finished model = 29.5 cms, Wingspan: 25.4 cms including Decals for the 2 versions SWISSAIR or BALAIR with registrations HB-ICA/B/C/D/E/F/G/H..

CHF 40.00 *


Product no.: INF200-IFDC8630115P

INFLIGHT 200-diecast model McDonnell Douglas DC-8-63PF HB-IDZ of BALAIR 1:200.

CHF 160.00 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: INF200-IF932008

INFLIGHT 200-Diecastmodel McDonnell Douglas DC-9-34 (long range version of -32) HB-IDT of BALAIR in scale 1:200.

CHF 145.00 *


Product no.: EAG200-100050

EAGLE diecast model Airbus A330-200 HB-IQN of SWISSAIR in 1:200 scale.

CHF 149.00 *


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